Weekend Snapshots {8/25/14}

Hey all, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

I am running around like a crazy woman today attempting to get back into the swing of being in class all day while still feeding and caffeinating myself. Here is a quick look at my weekend!

weekend snapshots


Pre-workout questie and strawberry protein shake.


Coffee with a friend.


Who shares my weird enjoyment of wandering the aisles of World Market. Of course I found the wine aisle.


Fresh mango.


Nekter date with Emily. I was way too excited about a good acai bowl in northern Cali.


Deadlift and squat workout with my partner in crime from weightlifting class last semester who I was finally reunited with. I spared you the crazy face, but if you are dying to seeing it check out Instagram.


Post-workout Whole Foods protein smoothies and salads.


Sunday meal prep. Chicken breast, ground turkey, veggies, protein brownies, and unpictured brown rice. Protein brownie recipe can be found here.

Happy Monday!

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Country, Cardio, and Meal Prep

Happy Friday! I have a little bit of everything for you today. I know my blog posts have been very picture heavy lately, and lacking any real content, but stick with me as I (and the blog) go through some changes and adjustments. Good things to come, I promise!

So let’s talk music. I typically listen to podcasts (here are a few of my favorites) while I workout, but lately I’ve needed a little something to pump me up so I’ve been going back to music.

Country Remixed from tbuck on 8tracks Radio.

I know all you die hard country and edm fans are probably going to die when you hear it (and not in a white girl dead kind of way), but seriously go listen to this while you workout and tell me it is not the best playlist ever.
I have been sticking to my boring old lifting split lately, but after doing a sampling for Nutrishop at Orange Theory, I am dying (so much dying in this post…) to try a class.

The workout combines treadmill intervals, rowing, and weights, and the goal is to keep your heart rate in the “orange zone”. I know plenty of bloggers who have already fallen in love with it, and I have no doubt it would kick my cardio-deprived booty.
Actually, I have been doing a little bit of cardio lately. After an extended break from it while I focused on building strength and muscle, it feels good to sweat my face off.

I am starting my (hopefully) final semester of school (!!) on Monday, so I am slowly easing back into prepping my meals. When life gets crazy and I get lazy this little place called Green Bites that has a “fitness menu” and does bodybuilding-esque meals has been saving me.

Basically, you pick your protein (chicken, fish, or steak in 4, 6, 8, 0r 12 oz), your starch (brown rice or sweet potato, and a green veggie. The pricing is reasonable and the food tastes darn good for being so simple. I have my eye on their protein pancakes, shakes, and cookies also.

And finally, I posted this throwback Thursday on Instagram yesterday and knew you all would appreciate it.


Forever stealing toys from boys.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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Breakfast Lately

Today is the last day to enter the Skoop giveaway!

I feel like I have been slacking on food pictures lately, specifically breakfasts, so this week I am going to rejoin the WIAW party (thank you, Jenn!) with a massive breakfast dump, heavy on the photos and light on the words. I’ve been switching off between oats, pancakes, and waffles for the most part, with the occasional who am I eating salad for breakfast occurrence and the all I want for breakfast is chocolate occurrence.




All of the waffles and pancakes are random blend protein/coconut flour/gf pancake mix so unfortunately I have a total of zero recipes to share. If you are looking for one though, check out these ones.

Happy hump day!

Favorite breakfast of the moment?

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