Breakfast Lately

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I feel like I have been slacking on food pictures lately, specifically breakfasts, so this week I am going to rejoin the WIAW party (thank you, Jenn!) with a massive breakfast dump, heavy on the photos and light on the words. I’ve been switching off between oats, pancakes, and waffles for the most part, with the occasional who am I eating salad for breakfast occurrence and the all I want for breakfast is chocolate occurrence.




All of the waffles and pancakes are random blend protein/coconut flour/gf pancake mix so unfortunately I have a total of zero recipes to share. If you are looking for one though, check out these ones.

Happy hump day!

Favorite breakfast of the moment?

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Vacation Snapshots {8/18/14}

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Hey lovely people, in lieu of weekend snapshots I wanted to share some shots from my mini vacation last week. The boy and I are no longer together, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to continue to milk every opportunity I have to make it down to Southern Californina. Luckily I have family down there that likes to take pity on me and donate their time, house, and adorable dog. Of course, I was sad to miss IDEA World, which was taking place in Anaheim, but I hope to be there next year! I heard wonderful things about the speakers, workouts, and conference in general.


Airport eats.


You know you’re in the valley when you un-board your airplane on the runway.


The first thing on the SoCal agenda was hitting the beach, but of course.


More specifically, Malibu.


When you go on vacation with a blogger, you always end up taking at least a million pictures. Here is pier shot number 4 of 50.


The pops and I.


Obviously I can’t rock a bikini without flexing. That tan line, though…


My beach read of choice was Oxygen magazine, until I realized that watching the surfers and napping was more up my alley.


I’m pretty sure every single person in Southern Cali is more tan than me. I mean, look at the dude behind me’s tan swag.


Pre-beach we ate at this adorable little farm to table place on the Malibu pier called Malibu Farm Pier Cafe. Fitting name, no?


It actually started as a food blog with cooking classes, and then eventually evolved into its very own restaurant.

hlc cafe.png

What do you guys think, should there be a HLC cafe in the future? I could totally pull off just serving protein muffins and almond milk lattes, right?


All this deliciousness was skirt steak, coconut tofu, kale salad with chicken, and local yogurt with berries.


Chicken kale salad and yogurt for me, because I basically live off those three foods.


All a girl needs in life. I am kicking myself for not even ordering coffee here.


He’s been featured around here before, but my aunt and uncle have the sweetest, most well behaved golden retriever.


I cannot even begin to get over that face.


On Friday night we went to happy hour at a place in Westlake Village. Oh hey what do you know, more kale salad with chicken. And goat cheese and roasted beets.


This would be the view from the table. So gorgeous.


They had shuffleboard, so obviously that captured our attention much more than the live music and bar. Although the couple we played with was definitely giving some of their attention to the bar. I think we won the award for loudest, most obnoxious shuffleboard game. Also, it turns out I am a shuffleboard master, for real.


The band was okay, but the one couple on the dance floor killing it to the Stones was even better.


I managed to get my workouts in while I was there, including leg day and cardio/shoulders. I went to Golds the first day, but I figured they would eventually catch on to the fact that it is definitely not my first time there, I have had many more than one 7 day VIP free pass, and I don’t even live in the area, so I dragged myself to 24 the second day. Which I also can’t complain about. Plus, they had the perfect selfie taking mirror.


Airport eats round 2. Coffee cup oats because I like to keep it classy.

I got back to the Bay on Saturday afternoon, and felt like doing this the rest of the weekend…


…and so I did, hence no need for weekend snapshots.

All you ladies and men who attended IDEA, what did you think?

Favorite vacation spot?

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Thinking out Loud #11

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As you read this, I am soaking up the sunshine in SoCal. I am just here for a few days to visit some family, and am not planning on doing much more than sitting on my booty at the beach and hitting the gym.

I thought it was be a perfect time to jump back into the TOL party and share some recent happenings, so here we go.


I met up with Hayley for lunch this week and we instantly bonded over our love of Lululemon and ice cream.


Isn’t she the most adorable salad eater? I had to take her to Sprout of course, I practically live at that place.


Speaking of my favorites, Emily has been nice enough to adopt me when I am in some serious need of some down time and let me hang out at her pool.


And eat cold chicken. The usual.


I ended up Whole Foods for dinner the other night, which I have been trying to cut back on since I am on that broke student budget and all, but I am not one to turn down a WF friend date.

After being in physical therapy for about a month for month for my back, I finally got the go ahead to start deadlifting again.


My life feels complete again. I am slowly working on getting my strength back up while focusing on my form, as I mentioned I am doing for my squat.

I have a little patio at my new place so I have been enjoying my coffee outside in the mornings, and it is seriously the best way to start the day.


And we all know these legs could use some extra Vitamin D.

And a little Quest fun to leave you with.


That would be a marshmallow chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar. Mhmm. Microwave for 7 sec and it tastes like a s’more.

That’s all I’ve got for today, enjoy the rest of your week.


A big thank you to my girl Amanda for hosting, go show her some love.

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