WIAW: Fourth of July

Today is an exciting day because after reading countless WIAW posts, I finally have the opportunity to participate!

My work holds a Fourth of July event so all of my food today was eaten in a rush during my breaks. Please excuse the picture quality, as they were all taken with either my Blackberry or my point and shoot.

As you will see, I tend to snack throughout the day instead of having and official lunch, and almost always have a little something at some point after dinner. This is just works for me personally!

5:30 am pre-workout: an unpictured third of an Amazing Grass Superfood bar

6:30 am post-workout: unpictured Sun Warrior vanilla mixed with water

7:45 am


Smoothie made with chocolate protein powder, coconut milk, 1/2 a banana, and ice

10 am


Greek yogurt with granola and honey

1:15 pm



3:30 pm


Shredded coconut that I brought to put on my yogurt and then promptly forgot about until later in the afternoon

5 pm


Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate KIND bar

7 pm


WF salad bar and an unsweetened iced green tea with a coworker after wrapping up our work event

A couple of these little guys will be consumed later tonight, most likely accompanied by a spoonful of peanut butter.


In the spirit of this month’s WIAW theme, I figured I’d share today’s workout.

Since I had to be at work pretty early this morning and my gym didn’t open until 8 due to the holiday, I decided to take my workout outdoors! I started with a warmup up jog and some jumping rope before heading over to the school near my house where I completed a circuit workout.
I combined these three workouts to create a workout that looked like this:

Warm up: 1 min. each of butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks

60 sec. barrel jumps

45 sec. squats, 15 sec. jump squats

30 sec. burpees

15 sec. alternating lunge jumps

60 sec. butt kicks

30 sec. rest

60 sec. 360° pylo squat

45 sec. mountain climbers

30 sec. burpees

45 sec. one-legged hop on each leg

60 sec. high knees

I completed this circuit one time through and then finished my workout with sprints, stair running, and some pylo moves.

All together this workout took me about 45 minutes.


That’s all I have for you tonight! I am exhausted so I will most likely have my nighttime snack and then just head to bed while everyone is out enjoying fireworks (old lady status, I know, it’s okay).

I hope you all enjoyed my first WIAW post!

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  1. What’s this 360 plyo squat?

  2. Looks like you had a day full of good eats! I definitely miss my whole foods salad bar!

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