Snacks and Unicorns

Hi there, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


This morning was spent getting some last minute studying done for two tests I have today. I had my coffee and NuGo bar while I read as to not spend too much time on breakfast. I then headed to campus a bit earlier than usual, snacks in tow. I will be on campus until tonight so I made sure to pack enough to hold me over through the day.




If all else fails, I will most likely find myself at the overly priced but delicious organic cafe I have mentioned in the past.

This post is going to be short and sweet as I have a packed schedule today butI will be sure to update you all tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with with this gem I found on Pinterest.



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  1. Eep I don’t miss those days of being on campus until the evening… Good luck on your tests girl!

  2. i really want to try that attune probiotic chocolate. good luck on your tests!

  3. I always leave the house with a snack or 2 just in case. The NuGo bar looks yummy.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  4. Hhhahah i love that quote!! Too funny!

  5. LOL Love the quote! I think I’ll be a unicorn today.

  6. love the unicorn quote!!! happy friday! spa love!

  7. Unicorns rule! You’ll kk button your test too, duh! ;)

  8. For some reason they stopped selling those amazing attune bars near me! Boo.
    Your pictures are beautiful by the way – so crisp and clear :)

  9. great study snack! good luck on all your tests!

  10. Packing food for a long day on campus is tough! I haven’t tried any of those bars but they look good! I’ll have to check them out sometime!
    I love the unicorn quote!

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