Oldie but Goodie

Hello there. I have quite the busy day ahead of me so I thought I’d just top in a share yesterday’s breakfast as well as a few random thoughts.


An oldie but goodie. Oats topped with peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate almond butter, and granola.

Other eats for the day went mostly unpictured, but I did realize that a majority of them were some form of bar. While I love my Larabars and the like, I certainly prefer foods that do not come in a package to ones that do. So, in hopes of adding a little more unpackaged and unprocessed goodness into my life, a nice home cooked meal (i.e. not a typical snack plate) is on the menu for dinner tonight.

Sorry for the kind of all over the place and short post, but that’s how my mind is feeling right now!

Have a wonderful day. :-)

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  1. hmm a home cooked meal is always the best

  2. I know what you mean about craving a home cooked meal. After too many evenings of quick and convenient dinners, I’m always craving something warm and home made :)

  3. and this soooo flowed well for me because my mind is with yours. like yours.
    all over :-)

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