WIAW: Clean Out Style

Happy Wednesday!

I am sure you know by know that it is time again for What I Ate Wednesday. Go show Jenn some love for hosting, or if you having no idea what I am talking about go check it out here.


My morning yesterday began with a couple circuit workouts via Lindsay. I began with one round of this pylometrics workout (minus the leg pylo combo simply because I forgot to write it when I copied down the workout) followed by three round of the Hakuna Tabata (love the name) and finished off with a final round of the pylometrics workout. I worked legs at the gym on Monday so plenty of stretching occurred after my workout in an attempt to relieve some soreness. DOMS may just be the death of me someday. Luckily, the short yoga session that happened Tuesday night further helped loosen up my muscles.



I typically have my coffee while working on the computer before eating breakfast. I am still taking my coffee with almond and cashew cream, vanilla stevia drops, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I am getting a bit bored with it though so you may see the return of black coffee around these parts, or whatever else I come up with. For the time being, however, coffee will most likely not be disappearing altogether. Warm drink in the cold season just make sense. :-)


Breakfast was coconut flour pancakes which sadly fell apart so this is a repeat picture. Although they still tasted delicious smothered in peanut butter, I really need to get down my recipe for coconut flour pancakes. I seem to have perfected the consistency of all the other types of pancakes I make with various flours (oat, brown rice, almond meal, etc) but for some reason my coconut flour pancakes almost never stick together. Looking at the above photo makes me wonder what proportions I used for the batch…

Per usual, my midday eats included an assortment of snacks, and I have a hard time even categorizing them into a pretty bold header.


Homemade trail mix. Okay so this was basically just the last of a granola bag that needed to be used up thrown together with raw almonds, dried fruit, Ezekial flax cereal, and broken up pieces of TCHO 70% dark bar. This was eaten alongside my daily chai latte fix.


(1/2 cup unstweened almond milk, 1/2 cup Tazo organic chai concentrate, 1 teaspoon sucanat.)


Apple Pie Larabar.


This was the granola I munched a but on before decided I would rather use up one of my ancient bags.

Some unpictured fruit occurrences happened in here as well. Loving fall produce!


Dinner was a clean out my pantry type of bowl.


This one had kelp noodles that I unearthed from the back of my pantry cabinet, quinoa that was in my freezer that I defrosted on the stove, steamed kale, raw nori, raisins, currants, raw cashews, homemade hummus, an egg, and flax seeds. I drizzled some Bragg liquid aminos, ginger juice, and honey over the top before eating. This meal was surprisingly delicious and satisfying. I should designate more nights as clean out my overflowing pantry nights.

Also, would anyone like that hummus recipe? It is pretty simple but could easily be typed up for you all.


My evening snack was a mix of yummy items that pretty much follow the same clean out the pantry/ fridge/ freezer theme of dinner. Honeycrisp apple with peanut butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, part of a KIND peanut butter and dark chocolate bar, and gluten-free brownies.

Do you make your own trail mix?

Anyone have a tried and true coconut flour pancake recipe to share?

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  1. mmm I am not a big fan of granola but that is why I want to make my own homemade trail mix so it has things I like. Smart idea!

  2. Oh golly! I am so obsessed w coconut flour pancakes!!! I eat them atleast three times a week! I always mix them w alittle oat bran or oatmeal to help them stick together better because they are a pain! Have a fabulous day! Spa <3

  3. This day looks soo yummy!

  4. Trail mix isn’t trail mix without chocolate! yum! I’ve never had the apple pie larabar before but i’ve been wanting to try it! I love the idea of throwing everything in the pantry into a meal! yum they probably make the best meals!

  5. ahh the apple pie larabar. not a huge larabar fan, but that kind used to be my favorite. until target had them for 30 cents, so i bought a ton and ate them everyday. too much of a good thing!
    i’m def trying to take advantage of the apples! i was going to only buy a few tonight, but then a big bag was only a dollar more, so i thought it would be a good way to get the next couple week’s fruit purchased.

  6. Mmm, I could seriously dive head first into that dinner bowl! So many yummy things in one bowl…don’t you just love it when random combinations surprise you by tasting fantastic?! Too funny we both showed our “clean out the pantry” meals today! I swear it’s been a long time coming…there are bars in my pantry that I’ve had for almost a YEAR! I had one yesterday and could have smacked myself for forgetting how tasty it was! Lol

    I LOVE coconut flour pancakes! And actually, I have the perfect recipe…thick and fluffy and super dense: http://www.kissmybroccoliblog.com/recipage/?recipe_id=6028813 It’s been my go-to recipe for MONTHS! :D

    • Haha yes, we obviously both need to work on our pantry cleaning out skills!
      And THANK YOU, I will have to give that recipe a try! The pancakes that went unpictured on Tuesday were literally mush.

  7. I so love your little evening snack plate and also your kitchen-sink bowl dinner. That egg looks like the perfect topper! Your coffee and chai look so cozy by that window – they always do!

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