Hello From a Cafe

Good afternoon!

Instead of staying at my parents house, I ended up spending the night at my place and just heading back for my appointment in the morning. I am currently sipping a black coffee with cocoa powder and cinnamon in a cafe next door to the doctor’s office.

Yesterday’s breakfast courtesy of Whole Foods and included oats hidden beneath almond milk with an assortment of cereals, raw oats, and raisins thrown in there.


Due to the timing of my eye doctor appointment yesterday breakfast was a bit delayed and I ended up having a banana and almond butter between a short run and my doctor’s visit.


Once back at my apartment I didn’t feel much like cooking anything too involved so these turned into this


and this turned into these. Perfect lazy dinner in my opinion.


Dark chocolate was very necessary after dinner.

I will be heading back home soon, hopefully in time for my only class of the day. But let’s be honest, if I am here for a bit longer drinking coffee and catching up on blogs rather than sitting in class with blurred vision it wouldn’t be the end of the world. ;-)
I will talk to all you lovelies later, have a wonderful day.

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  1. sounds like a delicious lazy dinner for sure.

  2. Dark chocolate is always necessary after dinner. I hope your eye feels better, eye infections are no fun!

  3. Your breakfast sounds so good! I never considered combining oats and cereal, but I’m big on different textures and that sounds like something I need to try. Now if only I could eat oats again…

  4. Love sitting in a cafe reading blogs!!

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