Mushrooms and Tofu En Papillote


When I came across this recipe The First Mess and while ago I immediately bookmarked it vowed to make it when the weather got chillier since it seemed like a perfect winter recipe. I happened to have some mushrooms that needed to be used so I decided to make it tonight. Definitely a good decision on my part.


The rosemary, as subtle as it was, totally made this dish, in my opinion. What I loved the most however, was how simple it was to prepare. No dirty pans littering my kitchen and only one dish to wash.


I followed the recipe pretty closely, just substituting the coconut oil for olive oil (I prefer to use coconut oil for high heat cooking), left out the miso (I didn’t have any), and adjusted the recipe to serve one.


“En Papillote” simply refers to the method of baking food in a folded parcel or package in order to allow it to steam in the liquids it produces.


In this case, I had parchment paper bags so I used on of those rather than cutting a heart shape of out parchment paper. I have, however, cooked fish using the heart method plenty of times and it always come out beautifully.


I made a simple socca to go along with the dish for some added protein.


If you are a mushroom and tofu lover like I am I definitely recommend giving this recipe a try. It took me now more than 10 minutes to prep and only 20 minutes to cook. I made before class and it was just what I needed to brave the cold and rain.

Have a great night and let me know if you try this recipe as well!

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  1. This looks a-freaking-mazing. I only recently got into both mushrooms and tofu – funny how this recipe combines the two! I’m in love.

  2. whoah! how neat! i love mushrooms! it looks really good, and i never would have thought of something like this! thanks for sharing!

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