Winter Wonderland

Why hello there, and happy Monday!

Thank you all for your well wishes after yesterday’s post. Everything is back to normal around here for the most part and I am officially in the Christmas spirit (as if I wasn’t already). My tree is up, presents have been ordered, cookie baking has begun, and I find myself happily sipping warm festive drinks during my moments of relaxation. Since December graced us with its presence a few days ago, I felt it necessary to give it a proper welcome.


This baby tree is about all my tiny studio apartment can handle, but I love it nonetheless. Besides, this way the full sized tree at my parent’s house will look that much more amazing when I stay with them over the holidays.


What better way to celebrate the approach of winter than with winter squash? This is one of many that is currently residing on the “produce ledge” in my kitchen.


I refrained from buying this until it was officially December as not to get tired of it before Christmas. I fell in love with this stuff last year and it even shows up my homemade cocoa.


I still can’t get enough of this tea. I have been averaging about 3 cups a day.


I would say that jumping headfirst into the holiday spirit makes this Monday about as marvelous as it could get. Be sure to show your thanks to Katie for putting this little link-up party together and check out the other marvelous posts.

I hope you Monday is as cheerful as mine, regardless of what you celebrate!

Anyone else loving that December is finally upon us?

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  1. winter squash is one of my favorite things, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!

  2. I am happy December is here BUT the year flew by way too fast!

    Love the little christmas tree, adorable!

    Happy week to you!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. I had no idea mint chocolate coconut milk existed! Thanks for making my day! :)

    Have a great week!

  4. I am 100% in support of getting into the Christmas spirit! Bring on the holiday tea, Christmas music, over-the-top decorations, absurd quantities of baked goods and even the less-than-enthusiastic shopping mall elves! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. I saw that Coconut milk the other day at Whole Foods but refrained from purchasing it. I’m the only one who would drink it so I want to wait until Christmas when more of my Mint loving family will be around. I personally love Chocolate and mint and know I would polish off the whole carton by myself in a week!

  6. This post is filled with holiday spirit!! Love it =)

  7. I am sooooooo in the Xmas spirit now that I have most of my shopping done and my tree up! It’s the best time of year for sure!! I love the Christmas specials and all the limited edition peppermint goodies! Have a super day! Spa <3

  8. Wow I’ve never seen a winter squash! I thought that was a pumpkin! Is it hard to cook up? Are the seeds a pain in the butt to deal with?
    That Gingerbread Spice tea sounds fabulous!

    • There are lots of winter squash varieties besides sugar pie pumpkin! This is a red kabocha, but I love love butternut, acorn, delicata, etc. The are pretty easy to cook once you slice them in half and scoop out the flesh/seeds. After that you just bake that in the oven for as long as needed, usually about 40-60 min. I like to bake the seeds alongside the squash and use them later on salads and other dishes!

  9. Definitely loving that December is upon us :D I’m like a little kid and get way too excited over Christmas. I spent the weekend getting all the decorations out so things are really starting to feel festive around these parts. Oh, and that gingerbread tea is seriously one of the best things ever. Ditto on drinking multiple cups a day :D

  10. Im more filled with the holiday spirit after reading your post! I think Ill have to see if our tiny little store has any of that Coconut milk….I have a hard time finding it period :)

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