WIAW: Expensive Habits

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am going to jump right into What I Ate Wednesday, so enjoy! As always, don’t forget to thank Jenn for hosting and take a look at all the other wonderful posts and eats. And I promise to have a healthy winter recipes in line with this month’s theme for you next week!


To me, winter seems like the ideal time to embrace at home workouts. And hot chocolate, but that’s irrelevant at the moment. I completed one round of Courtney’s Quick and Killer Bodyweight Circuit before moving on to Julie’s 10 to 6 workout.



Greek yogurt, Puffins, crumbled almond flour cranberry chocolate biscotti, pumpkin butter, honey, and cinnamon.

No coffee was consumed yesterday but I can tell you I am sipping on a big mug of it right now. I spotted my beloved cream alternative in hazelnut and just couldn’t resist. I can feel a cold coming on and I needed a little something warm and soothing this morning. Now I’m just crossing my fingers that this doesn’t turn into a full blown sickness.


Per usual, no solid lunch around here as I am such a grazer with such a sweet tooth.


I received my ever order of Healthy Bites (Lindsay was offering a Small Business Saturday discount on pumpkin dark chocolate chip) and fell in love. I highly recommend ordering some if you need something delicious to take on the go or just have at home and want to support a small (but growing!) blogger business. She has plenty of regular flavors as well as monthly seasonal flavors (this month is gingerbread!) and you can also request custom bites.

My Whole Foods trip on Friday got a little out of hand and I ended picking up a few new finds (including my new coffee creamer). My mom and I were together and she offered to pay and I just could help myself. Love you, mom!


One find were these adorable Christmas tree gummies. I am not a huge gummy fan aside from my odd addiction to sport chews, but these babies were all natural with minimal ingredients and well, they were pineapple flavored. I tried a few when I first bought them and finished of the rest of the little bag yesterday.


Another new purchase, which I have frequently considered picking up, but always figured it wasn’t worth the price. I decided to finally try them and went with my current flavor obsession, ginger. I most likely wouldn’t buy them again but the are pretty good!


Okay, so this was not a Whole Foods buy, but it was a compulsive online purchase. I picked up on of these bars when we stopped at a natural foods store in San Luis Obispo on our way to Southern California for Thanksgiving (they had a fabulous hot bar by the way, I think the place was called Natural Frontiers). I loved it so much that I checked out the company online and went ahead and ordered a few bars and a bag of their signature “rawnola” from one of their few online retailers. So worth it.

Anddd…can you guess?


Almond milk chai latte. Unsweetened almond milk, a bit of sucanat, and a milk brother is all it takes.


All my expensive goodies throughout the day were a gentle reminder that I am in fact on a budget. Therefore, a nice homemade dinner was a given.


Maple and cinnamon roasted pumpkin, an egg, and pumpkin seeds over was was intended to roasted kale but ended up more like kale chips. Good thing I love kale chips. :-)

Evening snack

My evening snack included two recent Etsy purchases. I admittedly do have a bit of an Etsy addiction, and I really do need to buy less foodie items online, but to be fair my dad was ordering something from this shop so we doubled up on the order to save on shipping. The shops owner uses natural, minimal ingredients and a portion of proceeds go to a friend fighting breast cancer.


Gingerbread fudge and agave sweetened marshmallows. Yes I ate the marshmallows plain. Yes, they were amazing.

Well, my day is looking very similar to yesterday with a few classes thrown in there so I am off to get ready for. Have a wonderful day!

Does anyone else order food products online?

I also a frequently order from places like iherb and Lucky Vitamin for both supplement and food purposes, which actually save me money.

What was the best meal you ate yesterday?

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  1. I love making homemade chai lattes with that Tazo mix! And I’ve never tried those Go Raw ginger snap cookies, but I’ve tried them in the chocolate coconut flavour and they were really good. Still not worth the $7 price tag though. :P

  2. aren’t those super cookies good? so delicious. I am dying to try healthy bites.

  3. Kale chip salad, yum! Especially with those roasted pumpkin seeds. I roasted spaghetti squash seeds a few weeks ago with surprisingly good result. The less waste the better!

  4. I’ve been neglecting eating a real lunch in favour of grazing all afternoon as well, and I’m kind of loving it :D And I’m SO loving the sound of that fudge and those marshmallows. Holy.wow they sound good. I don’t really order much food online, although I should probably start because there are sooo many delicious looking foods that I can’t get here in Canada.

  5. yea! love the healthy bites snack lunch. I eat that a lot too. haha. And we’re on a budget. I feel ya!

  6. I’m such a grazer at lunch too!! Girl all your snacks look delish! Do those marshmallows happen to be vegan? Cause I want!!! :) Have a great day hun!

  7. Whoah!!! Your dinner and breakfast look amazing!!! I also buy crazy healthy stuff online! I can’t help it!! Dark choc goji berries were the most recent! Spa <3

  8. i love those go raw cookies :) i tried the chcoolate variety; so good!

  9. Healthy Bites are awesome!!!! I need to get me some more!

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