Crabbing at Pacifica Pier

Happy Monday! And thank you to Katie for always making my Monday a bit brighter with Marvelous in My Monday. Make sure to check out all the other wonderful posts as well!

This week I wanted to focus on one of the highlights of my weekend, my first crabbing trip!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my dad and I headed out to go crabbing up in Pacifica, as planned. Dungeness crab season runs through the end of January, and I was glad to get out there for my first experience before the season ends.


The weather was extremely forgiving, and the predicted rain never came. The view from the pier was breathtaking and I spent bit of time enraptured by it before focusing my attention on the task at hand.



We braved the chill (admittedly, I am always cold so I was extra freezing) and baited our line (with squid) before tossing it into the depths of the ocean.




The process is a slow one, as you typically wait five to ten minutes, pull up the line to check your catch, and then repeat.


I grabbed us some coffees while we waited from a cute little shops at the front of the pier.




We ended up catching two little guys, but the were just short of the legal regulation size so we went ahead and threw them back. Our plan from the start was to head up to Half Moon Bay to buy freshly caught crabs off the boats for dinner in case we didn’t end up catching any ourselves.


After spending a while longer on the pair, we packed up and got back in the car to go buy dinner!





We bought three crabs and cooked them up later that night for a delicious meal.



I hope everyone had a just as marvelous weekend, I’d love to hear about it!

So, what was the best part of your weekend?


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  1. HAha, I love that you baited crab with squid. It’s like using delicious food to attract more delicious food!

  2. Wowie – sounds like an awesome experience! I’ve never been crabbing, and I’m allergic to shellfish so I wouldn’t be able to eat them, but uhm… I’d be down for standing around the boat with some coffee :D

  3. That looks like fun! Well, besides the waiting part. I tend to not be very patient when it comes to those types of activities. But fun to spend the day with your dad and to enjoy a yummy dinner!

  4. I am so jealous, I adore crab. one of my favorite foods

  5. I love crab – it definitely doesn’t get any fresher than that. I had no idea squid worked as bait!

  6. What a fun daughter-father day!!

  7. Hi! Would you mind telling me how much the crabs cost per pound?

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