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On Saturday night I had the opportunity to try out yet another restaurant in San Jose that had somehow slipped under my radar. The Table, in the Willow Glen area for locals, and focus on slow food and local sources to create an environment that is just plain makes for good time.


I recruited my usually dining partner in crime to accompany me. Or rather, he recruited me as this find was all his doing thanks to a work friend’s recommendation. The Table has only been open for about eight months, but it has already acquired quite the following. We arrived a little before seven with a reservation and the place was already packed.


Upon sitting down, I instantly began to peruse the menu, as is always takes me ages to decide what to order. Luckily, my dad likes to take the same approach as I at new restaurants, which is to try as many dishes as possible in one meal. The menu is arranged such that there are plenty small plates to choose from, as well as soup and salads, entrees, and sides. We started with the house made kimchee and my dad ordered a Scrimshaw Pilsner which he enjoyed.


The small plates looked the most interesting to both of us, so we decided to split two. My dad wanted to try the duck, which was cooked sous vide and I was immediately drawn to the bone marrow, as I have never had it. I like to order meat when I am out at a restaurant where I know that they care about their sources and are in support of local farms. We spoke to a partner of the restaurant, Brian, after our meal, and he told us a bit about the farm in South San Francisco where they get a majority of their poultry from.


Sous vide duck confit, murcott mandarin, grapefruit, blood orange, and madras curry.


Bone marrow, grey salt and charred ciabatta.

Along with the small plates we each got salads, and I got the soup special, which was a vegan cauliflower soup.


Sweet gem lettuces, cave aged blue cheese, and green garlic vinaigrette.


Cauliflower soup.

Every single dish was fabulous, and we especially loved the duck and bone marrow.


Due to the preparation of the duck, it was extremely tender and the meat fell right off the bone. My dad dominated that plate, but I cut him some slack because I had a whole bowl of amazingly cream soup to enjoy. The best part? There was no actual cream in it to upset my stomach.


This piece of bread, however, was so worth the uncomfortable gut reaction.

Anyways…the bottom line is that this place is definitely worth checking out if you are in the South Bay Area, and they have made a permanent guest out of me.

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  1. I’ve never tried bone marrow! It definitely looks interesting.

  2. That restaurant looks amazing.
    I’ve never had bone marrow before, can’t say I’d be willing to try it haha. I’m not the most adventurous eater in the world.

  3. That vegan cauliflower soup sounds amazing and super comforting! :)

  4. Okay. So I’m totally loving how well you & your dad seem to get on with each other AND how adventurous you guys are when eating out.
    You seem to be showered with amazing restaurants over there so it’s perfect.

    I’d have gone with that cauliflower soup too. It looks luscious!

  5. All that food looks delicious. If I lived anywhere near California, I’d totally give it a try!

  6. I don’t know if I would ever be brave enough to try bone marrow. I’m sure it is delicious, but getting past the whole “bone” thing would be a major challenge for me. Just give me some tofu any day! ;)

    • Haha, I have always been a pretty adventurous eater, but now that I have started eating more meat because I can find it locally sourced I have been branching out a bit more. I will still take tofu any day though, no question! ;-)

  7. Swooooon! Everything looks absolutely amazing! I had to scroll over each photo slowly because it’s all so beautiful! I’m the same way when I dine out at restaurants—I prefer to share several small plates so that I can try a variety of the flavors on the menu.

    It looks and sounds like you and your dad made excellent choices! I’ve never tried bone marrow either, but it’s definitely on my “must” list. What was the flavor like? Your creamy cauliflower soup–sans cream–sound like it would be right up my alley, too. Yum. And charred ciabatta? I would definitely go for a small piece myself, even though it would mean a tummy ache afterward. Sometimes out-of-this-world good food > than physical comfort. :)

    xoxoxo! <3

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