LA Road Trip {Part 2}

Happy Monday!

I have some shots from the Sunset Celebration Weekend I attended yesterday, but I am going to go ahead and wait to share those later in the week. For now, let us get back to that vacation recap…

Our third day in Southern California began with coffee, a banana, and a quick trip to the gym for a back and biceps workout. After that it was time for brunch, because what else do you do on Sundays in LA? We were near Melrose Ave, so I wanted to go to Blu Jam, but after driving past and seeing the line down the street, we opted for Urth Caffe.


Which was just as fabulous. Eggs, berries, cottage cheese, chicken salad, and flourless chocolate cake. I also had an iced almond milk chai and the boy had a green tea almond milk boba. We dined outside in the sun and it was pretty much the most perfect thing ever, fifty dollar parking ticket acquired aside.


The remaining part of the day just may have been the highlight of the entire trip.

photo 2

We headed to the Santa Monica pier to casually immerse ourselves in the acroyoga scene and pretend we knew what we were doing.


Who needs beach chairs when you have random strong men to lay on?

photo 3

This was seriously so much fun. I am one of the most uncoordinated and inflexible people in the world, but this dude somehow managed to make me do some crazy things.

photo 5

There are a bunch of rings, ropes, and bars set up where the original muscle beach used to be, so we spend a lot of time on those as well.

photo 2

Don’t be fooled, I can only do 3 pull ups.


The boys, on the other hand, can do 30 million.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 1.13.55 PM

And swing on the rings.


And do this. Seriously.

We stayed at the beach until sunset and were exhausted and starving after, so we grabbed burgers from Burger Lounge.


Albacore with tomato salsa in a lettuce wrap for me.


Since I didn’t get to see too much of the actual pier the day before, we decided to take a walk down it bright and early Monday morning before getting on the road.


I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with the lovely Emily for coffee as we passed through Hollywood.


We chatted over almond milk lattes about all things blogs, workouts, and food and it was wonderful.


I have relatives that live just outside of LA so we made one final stop there for lunch.


We were treated to so much amazing food, and it was so nice to hang out and grill before the car ride home.


We hit a bit of traffic on the way back, but who can complain with this view?

And that about wraps it up! I officially start summer classes today so it is back to the grind, but I have a feeling you will find me back in southern Cali very soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Are you taking any vacations this summer?

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  1. Oh no about the parking ticket!! Looks like it was totally worth it though :) your yoga/pull up/etc afternoon looks incredible!

  2. Your trip looked like it was so much fun! Wish I could enjoy those views and that good looking brunch food! YUM! Thanks for sharing all the photos

  3. What a great trip! Looks like so much fun and some yummy food too!

  4. That sounds like such an awesome trip! The acroyoga is so cool!

  5. You better get your A back to SoCal this summer! We have lots of beach time/healthy restaurant hopping to do in my ‘hood!

  6. That looks like such a fun trip! And the acroyoga – that is just amazing.

  7. I loved the Santa Monica area when I went to Cali! It was too cold for everyone to be out and about though, so I am so jealous you got to see all those crazy talented people!

  8. Sounds like an amazing trip! I loooove southern california as well. I want to chat over almond milk lattes with you girls!!

  9. So you’ll be teaching us those amazing yoga moves at Blend, right? :D

  10. What a simple + relaxing vacation… I love it! I’m hoping we can do something similar this summer around our hometown. =)

  11. Looks like such a fun trip! I can’t wait to read part one!

  12. Looks like an awesome trip! And that acroyoga looks like so much fun to try!

    I’m having a healthy giveaway on my blog for $120 value organic detox kit if you’d like to enter!

  13. Hi, Gina. Just checking out your blog. I love it! I think I met you on a tram in Minneapolis on the way to HLS back in September. You were 20 minutes from my home this past weekend, and we could have met up again. But I will still see you Friday at Blend and we’ll meet up again then.

  14. Acroyoga looks awesome! I have the worst balance and I would probably suck at it, but it looks fun!

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